The features of gapless metal oxide arresters:

Features of gapless metal oxide arresters:

(1) The structure of gapless metal oxide arrester is simple.

(2) The gapless metal oxide arresters is of good protection performance, the resistors have good nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, the current passing through the arrester under normal working voltage is small (mainly capacitive components), no series gap is required, and the change caused by the gap breakdown characteristics is eliminated The protection characteristics are only determined by the residual pressure.

(3) The absorption energy is large. The energy absorption per unit volume of the non-linear metal oxide resistor is 5-10 times larger than that of the silicon carbide non-linear resistor. At the same time, the resistor or arrester can be used in parallel, which doubles the absorption capacity.

(4) The protective effect is good, as long as the overvoltage exceeds the rated voltage of the arrester, the protective effect will begin. This has a positive effect on reducing the overvoltage that frequently acts on the protected equipment, reducing abnormal insulation breakdown, and prolonging the life of the equipment.

(5) It is convenient to run and detect, and it can detect the change of arrester characteristics through live test.

(6) Because there is no series gap, the resistors not only have to withstand the effects of lightning and operating overvoltages, but also withstand normal continuous operating voltages and temporary overvoltages, so there are problems of degradation and thermal stability under these voltages.

Post time: Nov-15-2021