Environmental conditions and use requirements for drop-out fuse installation

1. Installation and use environmental conditions of drop-out fuse

Environmental conditions for installation and use:

1). The normal operating conditions of the product: the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 degrees and not lower than -40 degrees; the altitude does not exceed 1000m; the maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s; the earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.

2) The product is not suitable for the following places: places with burning or explosion hazards; places with severe vibration or impact; areas with electrical conductivity, chemical gas effects and severely polluted salt spray.

2. Precautions for installation of drop-out fuse

(1) The melt should be tightened during installation (make the melt subject to a pulling force of about 24.5N), otherwise it is easy to cause contact hair heat.

(2) The fuse should be installed firmly and reliably on the cross arm (frame), and there should be no shaking or shaking.

(3) The fusion tube should have an inclination angle of 25°±2° downward, so that the fusion tube can quickly fall under its own weight when the melt is fused.

(4) The fuse should be installed on a cross arm (frame) with a vertical distance of not less than 4m from the ground. If it is installed above the distribution transformer, it should maintain a horizontal distance of 0.5m or more from the outermost contour boundary of the distribution transformer to prevent In case the molten pipe falls and causes other accidents.

(5) The length of the fusion tube should be adjusted moderately, and the duckbill tongue should be able to hold more than two-thirds of the contact length after closing, so as to avoid the false action of self-falling during operation, and the fusion tube should not top the duckbill. , To prevent the fuse tube from falling down in time after the melt is blown.

(6) The melt used must be a standard product of a regular manufacturer and have a certain mechanical strength. Generally, the melt is required to withstand a pulling force of at least 147N.

(7) The 10kV drop-out fuse is installed outdoors, and the distance between phases must be greater than 70cm.

Post time: Jan-12-2022