Test switches and accessories

Test switches are designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.

These test switches and related test plugs have the features necessary for applications involving the measurement of individual currents and voltages associated with substation instrumentation and protection devices. They have been especially designed for the measurement of potential elements, current elements, and make-before-break short-circuit elements related to Current Transformer (CT) circuits.

Type FMS test switches allow access to current and voltage inputs of electromechanical, solid-state, and microprocessor-based protective relays. Knife-blade type switches connect via dual-circuit plugs, test clips, or ABB /Westinghouse test plugs. Connection to rear is by means of screw terminals, and switch handle’s dovetail construction accepts marker cards for circuit identification. Rated to 600V, 30 A, units can be supplied as 10-, 14-, or 30-pole assemblies.

Power Systems

Multi-circuit testing, calibrating, disconnecting, troubleshooting, and checkout of control systems, relays, instruments, transformers, and transducers where space is at a premium.

Make, break or re-arrange connections of an energized electric circuit without disturbing permanent wiring. Safe and easy access to wiring on panel boards and switchboards.

For field-installable test switches, see page 34 for standard configurations. Test switches can also be factory installed without prewiring. Consult factory for details.

Meter sockets are also available with factory prewiring and custom-specified test switches.

For factory prewiring and custom test switch configurations, see the worksheet on page 35 and consult factory for details. Available for both ring type and ringless applications.


Post time: Oct-28-2021